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Mr. Hassan Varshochi (MA) : As the founder and CEO of RANA, Hassan Varshochi holds an MA in Economics from Tehran’s Shahid Beheshti (formerly Meli) University and has previously established two companies in the country’s medical industry.

Mrs. Firouzeh Sadighi (Varshochi) (MA): Mrs Varshochi is the Production Manager and Chairperson of the company. She holds an MA in Economics from Tehran’s Shahid Beheshti (formerly Meli) University. Previously, she had worked for 15 years at San’at and Ma’dan Bank of Iran. She has had over 8 years of intensive training at DPD Ltd in the UK and in Iran under the supervision of DPD’s consultants taking her position as the Production Manager of RANA in 1998.

Alidad Varshochi BSc (Hons) MSc. (DIC), PhD.: Alidad Varshochi graduated from King’s College London, with a BSc. (Hons) in Biotechnology. He then completed a MSc. in Plant Biotechnology at Imperial College London. He also holds a PhD in Plant Molecular Genetics from Warwick University. He has over 4 years of work experience in the biotechnology industry in various capacities including technical and commercial positions. Alidad joined the company on a permanent basis from Agilent Technologies, where he was a Technical Sales Account Manager. He currently serves RANA as the company’s Director of Business Development.

Rana Varshochi : BSc (Hons) PhD (DIC): Rana graduated with a BSc. (Hons) in Biotechnology from King’s College, University of London. She also holds a PhD in Molecular Cell Biology from Imperial College London and is currently involved as the company’s Production Manager for walnuts.

TEHRAN OFFICE Headquarters:
Mr Karimzadeh (Chief Accountant)
Mr G Shabani (Accountant)
Mr M Shams (Internal Procurement Manager)
Ms F Izadi (Foreign Procurement Manager)

Mr G Yavari (Site Manager)
Simin Golbabayi (Office Manager)