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Quality Control and Certification

With rigorous Quality Control and Quality Assurance measures in place at every stage of the production line, RANA offers sound, healthy plants that are uniform and true-to-type. To this end, RANA provides its customers with a True-to-Type Certification in addition to the Phytosanitary Certification issued by the Iranian Plant Protection Organisation from BioGEVES (the internationally recognised public plant testing body based in France) were necessary.

the Iranian Plant Protection Organisation
BioGEVES (France)





Specimen picture of capillary electrophoresis output of Simple Sequence Repeats for accurate DNA fingerprinting analysis of date palm as carried out by BioGEVES, France.


The internationally recognised Iranian Phytosanitary Certification is issued after rigorous viral and pathogenic tests have been carried out on every sold batch of RANA’s production.  BioGEVES (France) can provide the customer with molecular fingerprinting analysis services using current state of the art protocols on batches of date palm and walnut plant varieties produced by RANA.